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  • Smith Teamaker Big Hibiscus No. 24, Rose Flowers, Herbal Tea, 2x15 Bags

    Smith Teamaker Big Hibiscus Blend No. 24 (Caffeine Free Herbal Tea Hibiscus Flowers, Ginger, Rose Flowers and Elderflowers) 2-Pack (30 Bags)

    Description: Discover the rich and vibrant flavors of Smith Teamaker Big Hibiscus Blend No. 24, known as the “cabernet of hibiscus teas.” This caffeine-free herbal infusion is crafted by Steven Smith Teamaker, combining hibiscus flowers, Indian sarsaparilla root, ginger root, pink rose petals, elderflowers, and lemon myrtle. The result is a deep red, complex, and nuanced flavor profile. Each box contains 15 sachets, perfect for convenient brewing and enjoyment.

    Key Features

    • Rich and tart hibiscus flowers: Provides a stunning crimson hue
    • Indian sarsaparilla root: Adds depth and earthiness
    • Ginger root: Offers warmth and gentle spiciness
    • Pink rose petals: Infuses floral elegance
    • European elderflowers: Contributes a sweet and fragrant quality
    • Lemon myrtle: Adds a bright citrusy twist
    • Caffeine-free: Perfect for any time of day
    • 15 convenient sachets: Easy brewing and enjoyment

    Best by 10/30/25