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  • Smith Teamaker Jasmine Silver Tip No. 96 Green Tea 3x15 Bags

    Smith Teamaker Jasmine Silver Tip Blend No. 96 Full Leaf Green Tea From China Scented With Jasmine Blossom (45 Sachets)

    Indulge in the delicate and aromatic experience of Smith Teamaker Jasmine Silver Tip Blend No. 96. This exquisite blend features tender green tea leaves from China's Fujian Province, harvested each May and meticulously fired to preserve their flavor. These premium leaves are then placed amid freshly picked jasmine buds, which slowly open to impart their enchanting fragrance, creating what many consider the perfect marriage of flavors. Each case contains 3 boxes, with 15 sachets in each box, ensuring a generous supply for your daily tea ritual. Enjoy the smooth, refreshing taste of high-quality green tea, perfectly complemented by the floral notes of jasmine.

    Key Features

    • Premium green tea leaves: Sourced from Fujian Province, China
    • Jasmine scented: Infused with the delicate fragrance of jasmine blossoms
    • Case of 3: Includes 3 boxes, each with 15 tea sachets
    • Aromatic and refreshing: Smooth green tea flavor with floral jasmine notes
    • Perfect for any time of day: Enjoy a soothing and invigorating tea experience

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