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    Metal Makeup, Allergies, & Process

    What is the metal makeup elements & makeup?

    Metal is made from 316L Surgical-grade stainless steel. Unlike the usual method we see employed to place the design onto the product, we don't use transfers or any form of a sticker to achieve this. The doming is shatterproof glass, which is hand-poured onto the items. It's unlike what a lot of makers of graphical jewelry items use, which is pre-molded adhesive plastic domes. We developed a process in-house ourselves, using a patent-pending method and materials which combined give us our high-quality unique products, unlike anything anyone else is making in the market.  

    What is unique in the jewelry creation process?

    Made with Premium Quality Materials for your Comfort:  

    -Handmade with Stainless Steel and Shatterproof Glass
    -Hand-poured liquid glass dome on every product, which produces a high-quality unique product based on a patent-pending process.
    -High Polished Finish, to reduce the possibility of rash or skin irritation, giving you the most comfortable feeling for daily wear
    -Glass sealed face, water-resistant, & scratch proof. 


     Is it nickel-free and anti-allergic?

    The grade and composition of the steel means it's suitable for use in close skin contact. The same material is used in high-quality body piercing jewelry and surgical implants & instruments - having a stable profile against reactions. Nickel Release Rate lower than 0.5µg/cm2/week is the quoted amount for this material. It has about the same levels of nickel as other stainless steels (about 8% - to reduce brittleness and improve strength) - someone with a strong nickel allergy may not find this material suitable.  

    What exactly is patent-pending about your jewelry making process and what makes it unique? 

    The metal imaging is direct to metal glass bonded to steel. The process which includes a combination of machinery that is unique, the light refraction from the glass enhances color and detail. The piece is bonded becoming one solid watertight piece, protecting it from moisture.

    Products from other companies don't have a proper dome that refracts light or protects the product from moisture. Some print designs onto stickers and stick those onto the metal, which is not the best for you.  

    How is 18k Gold different from 24k?

    Our jewelry is made of 316L Surgical-grade stainless steel, 18K gold plating/finishing is a method of depositing a thin layer of gold containing a % of pure gold mixed with other metals for better hardness and strength, whereas the 24K gold plating is 100% pure gold.

     Stainless Steel 18k gold-plated/finished jewelry has the following advantages: 

    1. It's inexpensive compared to solid gold. It's a good option for wearers who are jewelry obsessed but want to stay in a budget that creates the same elegant and rich look as pieces made from precious metals
    2. It's plated on hard material like stainless steel, so it is good to design for durability, shaping, and styles.
    3. It has a better luster than other metals


    In addition, the gold coating is electrically bonded to the stainless steel and does not flake or rub away. 

    Jewelry Sizes, Choosing Bracelets, Gift Wrapping, Custom Orders, & Cleaning

    Jewelry Sizes

    -Adjustable 18"-22" Luxury Chain that easily fits around anyone's neck.

     -Bracelet comes in 2 sizes:  

    S/M 7 Inch (18cm)

    M/L 8 Inch (20cm).

     -Bracelet measures  3mm wide.

     -Pendants measures 24mm x 24mm

    Which size bracelet to buy?

    Some tips we have on how to measure up for a bracelet: The most popular bracelet size is S/M 7 Inches (18cm) A bracelet is perfectly sized when you measure your wrist tightly and add 2 cm. If you are between sizes ask yourself how you like to wear your bracelet. If you wear it tightly choose the smaller size and if you like to wear it loosely take the next size up. You can also measure a bracelet you already have. You should measure end to end for the correct size. Due to the natural properties of leather, these bracelets can expand or contract according to the climate, moisture, heat and how it is stored.  

    Gift wrapping and packaging 

    Each item comes in a jewelry gift box for immediate gift-giving and safekeeping.

    Surgical steel jewelry does not tarnish, but it may get dirty after being worn or stored for extended periods of time. The simplest way to clean surgical steel is with warm, soapy water. Dish soap works well, remember to rinse well after washing & dry fully before storing. Keep the jewelry free from dust as well as also dirt. Having a very soft textile, gently rub using a little comfort, and soapy water. You can also use dish-washing detergent. 
    Follow the grain of your stainless steel to avoiding scratches. After that simply apply plain water (it can be warm water) with any cloth, or you can dip your piece in the warm water. But be careful, do not use very hot water. Delicately wipe dried up with a different soft textile. 
    To scrub grimier stainless steel, you can simply use any soft cloth to make use of toothpaste. You need plain whitened toothpaste that does not contain silica. Start using a soft toothbrush to achieve any imprinted areas. Then, apply plain water with a little temper with any cloth, or you can simply dip your piece in the warm water. If you want then you can use any clean toothbrush to clear out the remaining toothpaste. Delicately wipe dried up with a different soft piece of cloth.
    You can polish your jewelry with a nontoxic polish or simply by using any kind of polishing cloth. These are available in jewelry retailers and various online shops. Avoid coarse cleaners that can scratch.
    Unlike dog tags that are poorly made with flimsy material, our luxury dog tags are the same height, width, and chain length as the Official US military dog tags.....with an increased THICKNESS (3mm) they are designed for years of heavy-duty use. Veterans and grandfathers everywhere approve. 
    We handcraft all our pieces with stainless steel and shatterproof glass which provides a solid, water resistant seal on your jewelry that brings out the true colors and detail of it.